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The SquareWineClub is Long Island City's first and only monthly wine subscription.
We’ll introduce you to 4 new wines every month, and deliver them right to your door.

  • Get 10% OFF all Wine Purchases EVERY DAY
  • You’ll get invitations to exclusive Wine Club Tasting Parties, where you can taste your wine selections along with other new offerings
  • Give the gift of the SquareWineClub to your favorite wine enthusiast

While those corporate wine clubs deliver cheaply-priced wines at the expense of quality, the SquareWineClub offers you thoughtfully selected, well-crafted wines, emphasizing sustainable and organic winemaking practices.

The SquareWineClub makes it even easier for you to sample wines and discover perfect pairing for every meal, celebration, or nightly Netflix bingefest. It’s also the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. So what are waiting for? Let’s get to tasting!

Shop Local & Stay Green

Wines hand-delivered in a reusable wine tote. No shipping waste = low carbon footprint.

Earn 5,000 Bonus Loyalty Points


Just for joining the SquareWineClub,  you'll earn Loyalty Points on your subscription every month.

10% OFF Wine


Whether it's in-store or on the SquareWine App, you'll receive 10% off wine orders EVERY DAY.

Wine Club Fine Print + FAQS

How do I sign up for the SquareWineClub?

  1. Via our website
    1. Go to www.SquareWine.com
    2. Click The SquareWineClub
    3. Scroll down and click “JOIN” (after you have read through the FAQ’s)
    4. Decide which subscription you would like and click “Subscribe”
    5. Then you will have to Login or Sign Up, this only takes a moment
      • Enter all your information
    6. You will need to verify your information by signing up with a password or verify via text message.
    7. Make your subscription selection at this time.
    8. Choose pick up or delivery
      • If you choose delivery you will have to enter your delivery address.
    9. Enter your card information
    10. Click “Join Now”
    11. Then you’re all set! We hope you enjoy The SquareWineClub!

  2. Via our app
    1. Download our App on Google or iTunes. “SquareWine” is one word.
    2. Choose the menu bar in the top left corner.
    3. Scroll down and click The SquareWineClub
    4. Follow instructions d-j above.
    5. Then you’re all set! We hope you enjoy The SquareWineClub!

What SquareWineClub options are available?

  • You have three tote options: Red, White, or Mixed (2/2) | 4 wines
  • Delivery options:
  • Standard Option: Delivered directly to your door every month!
  • Super Sustainable Eco-Friendly Option: One of the best ways to save money and help the environment is to shop local. Our super sustainable eco-friendly wine club option is available for pickup only and we ask that each month you bring your reusable tote back.

Can you help me sign up?


A SquareWine Staff Member can help you place your order online, feel free to come in or call us, 718.707.9911.

When will my card be charged?

The payment method on file will be automatically charged on the last day of the monthm prior to delivery. SquareWine uses a recurring payment system for the SquareWineClub membership, and you are authorizing a recurring charge of $59.99/month plus tax. Your 1st month will be $29.99 plus tax.

How much does delivery cost?

It’s free! That’s one of the many wonderful benefits!

Who will deliver the wine?

SquareWine delivery personnel will hand deliver your tote.

Where do you ship to?

The SquareWineClub does not ship, it is for local delivery only. The SquareWineClub is exclusive to LIC residents. The monthly wine club is delivered directly to LIC residents. People that do not live in LIC may participate but for pick up only.

Sign up Information

SquareWineClub Memberships are available on a rolling basis every month. Signing up for the next month is open until the second to last day of the month. This means that you may sign up anytime you want but your sign update will determine which month will be begin your subscription. For example:


2020 Sign Up Deadlines + Delivery/Pick up Dates

  • February 28 | March 4 Delivery
  • March 30 | April 1 Delivery
  • April 29 | May 6 Delivery
  • May 30 | June 3 Delivery
  • June 29 | July 1 Delivery
  • July 30 | August 5 Delivery
  • August 30 | September 2 Delivery
  • September 29 | October 7 Delivery
  • October 30 | November 4 Delivery
  • November 29 | December 2 Delivery
  • If you sign up after that date, your first month’s subscription will be rolled to the following month, for example: If you sign up on October 31, you will not receive November wine club, it will be pushed to December as the last day to sign up for November is October 30.

2020 Charge and Delivery Dates

  • January 31 | February 5 Delivery
  • February 29 | March 4 Delivery
  • March 31 | April 1 Delivery
  • April 30 | May 6 Delivery
  • May 31 | June 3 Delivery
  • June 30 | July 1 Delivery
  • July 31 | August 5 Delivery
  • August 31 | September 2 Delivery
  • September 30 | October 7 Delivery
  • October 31 | November 4 Delivery
  • November 30 | December 2 Delivery

Sign up Information

The SquareWineClub will be hand delivered the first Wednesday of every month between 4p-9p.

Delivery policy

If you are unable to accept delivery on the first Wednesday of the month, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. SquareWine will make a reasonable attempt to deliver at your earliest convenience. Delivery hours are from 4-9 pm.

Delivery timetable

Delivery hours are from 4-9 pm.

Pick up policy

If you are unable to pick up on the first Wednesday of the month, contact SquareWine directly and let us know when you will come, and we will hold your subscription for you.

Pick up timetable

You may pick up your SquareWineClub on or after the release date for the current month, no earlier. See release dates below.


2020 Release date for pick up

  • February 29
  • March 31
  • April 30
  • May 31
  • June 30
  • July 31
  • August 31
  • September 30
  • October 31
  • November 30

Undeliverable or Unclaimed Totes

If we do not hear from you, SquareWine will make a reasonable attempt to re-deliver and/or contact you regarding pick up. After 30 days, your wines will be refunded to the original form of payment less a $10 restocking fee and your subscription will roll into the following month.

Can I have the wine shipped to someone else as a gift?

The SquareWineClub does not ship. We can deliver the wine club as a gift to any customer if they live in LIC. Additional information will be required to deliver as a gift, please contact us to set this up.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

No, residential delivery in LIC only.

Can you ship to a business?

Yes. You may have your wine club delivered to a business as long as it is in LIC and someone will be available to receive it during delivery hours (4p-6p).

Can I place an order without creating an account?

No, in order to join The SquareWineClub you must create an account on our app or website. See instructions above.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel the SquareWineClub at any time by calling us directly at 718.707.9911 or sending an email to Tastings@SquareWine.com by the 15th day of the month previous to your delivery.


- For example, if you do not want to receive your December subscription, you will have from October 31-November 15 to contact us and unsubscribe.

How do I contact you?

You can call us directly at 718.707.9911 or send an email to Tastings@SquareWine.com.xxq

Return Policy

SquareWine & Spirits will replace any bottle of wine that is corked (flawed). We ask that the customer return the bottle, at least 50% of its unused contents, and the cork. In order to receive a return or exchange you must be a SquareWine & Spirits member. Defective items may be exchanged or refunded to the original form of payment. We will only accept bottles for exchange within 30 days of purchase. Items should be accompanied by your original sales receipt.

Terms & Conditions

By enrolling in the SquareWineClub you agree that SquareWine will use a recurring payment system in connection with the WineClub membership and you are authorizing a recurring charge or $59.99/month plus tax. The payment method on file will be automatically charged on the last day of the month. There is not ongoing commitment to remain a member of the SquareWineClub. You may cancel the SquareWineClub by calling directly at 718.707.9911 or sending an email to Tastings@SquareWine.com by the 15th day of the month previous to your delivery. We will then shut your membership off and you can reenroll at any time by contacting us directly at 718.707.9911 or sending an email to Tastings@SquareWine.com. The subscription price is not subject to discount and cannot be combined with any other offer.