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“Maegan has always provided excellent service and recommendations when I needed help picking wines and liquors. Her recommendations have always been top notch and within my price range. I’ve always had everything delivered, which has been quick, reliable, and free. I have to pass three other liquor stores on my way to SquareWine, which is a testament to how much I love shopping here!”

Aaron A.

Customer since 2017

“Working with Maegan has made my job as a purchaser much easier. She goes out of her way to make sure she sources the obscure liquors I often seek and her response time for inquiries are fast. She also contacts me when she comes across new items she thinks I will like. Always a pleasure to work with her!”

Brook H.

Chopped, Food Network Purchaser, customer since 2010

“Maegan made our events easy and fun. She always had a great theme to make tasting interesting. She is super knowledgeable and very nice and helpful.”

Jennifer T.

Customer since 2014

“SquareWine is the best liquor store in LIC! Their phone App is simply fantastic!! They have a broad selection of wines & spirits and the staff are very friendly. In-store shopping with frequent wine tastings is great and they also deliver. Maegan is an excellent, knowledgeable manager and has helped me with wine & spirits consultation, creating tasting notes and ordering custom hard-to-find bottles.”

Jayan K.

Customer since 2013

“Maegan and Square were a great team for our wedding beverage needs. Maegan tirelessly answered a plethora of questions over emails, before and after the initial phone consultation, which fully eased all our concerns. She assisted us with all aspects of planning, including brand and quantity recommendations; and pickup and delivery were a breeze. We could not have been happier with the experience.”

Michael H. + Sulin C.

wedding December 2017

“The SquareWine staff has been wonderfully welcoming and helpful to my partner and me (and our dog, who insists on getting a treat whenever he walks by) for years. They’re a big part of our Long Island City experience and chatting with them makes us feel more like neighbors than customers. We really enjoy the classes, where we’ve been introduced to a number of fascinating and unusual wines we never would have encountered otherwise. Maegan and her staff are unafraid to open fancier wines for tastings—because of this, we’ve bought several wonderful bottles whose price may have scared us off otherwise. And I’ve even learned to like gin.”

Kailen R.

Customer since 2013

“I recommend this wine store since the salespeople are knowledgeable and friendly. They really have a passion for wine and have wines in different price ranges, so they have something for everyone. they also have wine tastings on Thursday and Friday nites and make an effort to promote the community.”

Liz B.

5.0 star rating 4/2009

"I have hosted several events with Square Wine, both in my home and at the store. From beginning to end, it has been fun and easy to work with Maegan. She spends time to understand the host’s objectives and the audience she is serving. She is creative, detail oriented, professional and incredibly friendly and warm. She managed to provide a different spin for each event, is very knowledgeable about her wines and spirits and really knows how to keep a group engaged. I recommend her to family and friends for their events.”

Mindy C.

Customer since 2016

“As loyal neighborhood customers, we were excited to enlist SquareWine to supply the wines and spirits for our wedding at the Metropolitan Building. We weren't disappointed—far from it! Maegan couldn't have been more helpful or more responsive in her communication from the day we first contacted her. She made excellent recommendations to suit our palates and budget (not to mention spotlighting local and female producers) and our in-person wine tasting was among the highlights of our entire wedding-planning process. On our wedding day, we got more compliments from our guests than we could keep track of about this wine or that spirit. Couldn't have asked for more!”

Molly F. + Sam L.

Customer since 2015, Wedding April 2019

"Sometimes we just need a single bottle of special wine, other times cases for large events. Whatever and whenever the need Maegan and the team at SquareWine & Spirits take care of us by phone, in person or via their website; and they deliver quickly based on my schedule (thank you!) with chilled items as needed. Maegan is brilliant at customizing orders based on my tastes and price points, too! The in-store tasting are fun while introducing me to new interesting wines and spirits. Service! Services! Gracious & respectful even with returns.”

Sheila Lewandowski

Customer since 2007

"Working with SquareWine on special orders for my book launch was such a pleasure. Maegan recommended a number of delicious and fun wine suggestions that fit the theme of my events and price point -- and were a huge hit with our guests! The ordering and delivery process was a breeze. I highly recommend SquareWine for any and all of your events in NYC.

Stacey Lender

Author of CITY MOUSE: A Novel, customer since 2014

“This is one of the BEST WINE STORES I've been too (and I've been to many all over the world). The wine knowledge of the staff, Melissa specifically, was impeccable. She was so helpful and lovely. I will happily return here many times. GREAT SPOT!”

Alayna G.

5.0 star rating 12/2018

“I'm at home for a couple weeks visiting my family back in my old LIC hood. The wife texted me that dinner was fish and told me to use my imagination and pick up some wine. Completely clueless (!!!) I walked into Square Wine & Spirits and this lovely Latina lady named Melissa helped me pick out the most divine wine, a Carabella Pinot Grigio, and it paired awesomely with the fish. Mom and the wife were very impressed. This Melissa chick saved dinner! Highly recommend this store. Nice selection and great staff. Will definitely be back

Yelping Y.

5.0 star rating 12/2018​

“I visited Square Wine and Spirit recently while visiting a friend in LIC. The store has a big wine selection. The clerk, Melissa was friendly, knowledgeable on the various types of wines and helped me with my wine selection. My friend and I enjoyed the white and red wine very much. I will be back when visiting LIC again. Thanks Melissa.”

Doris M.

5.0 star rating 12/2018​

“Good spot for wine and spirits in lic. Very large store with a wide selection. They do tasting events and private events as well! Nice staff and reasonably priced!”

Jonathan H.

5.0 star rating 11/2018​

"SquareWine goes above and beyond and by far offers one of the best experiences in New York City. From the in-house events, to the interestingly curated selection, this store is a true gem. I used SquareWine recently for a cooperate event and the experience was a dream. Maegan hand selected 8 incredible wines for me and had them delivered to Manhattan. Her knowledge and passion for wine is rare in a GM, and on par to what you would expect to find at the finest restaurants or wineries. I highly recommend swinging in for one of their tasting events, picking up a quick bottle after work, or placing a big delivery for your next party or event.”

Lucy S.

5.0 star rating 5/2017​

"My coworker recommended this place to me, great service and gave me advice for stocking a new liquor cabinet and offered wine samples!”

Mallory T.

5.0 star rating 2/2017

“The best wine shop in Long Island City. Very fast delivery! Also, they are great if you need wine catered for an event - they deliver it for you in instances like that as well!”


5.0 star rating 5/2016

“I went to Square Wine a couple of Saturdays ago and was helped by a handsome tall associate who was very friendly and knowledgeable of the very vast selection of wines and liquors in the shop. I was impressed! I will definitely visit again for future Saturday last minute booze needs - reasonable prices, good selection and cute and cool staff, a dream come true!”

Valeria D.

5.0 star rating 6/2014

“They have a good wine selection, a lot of bourbon and scotch too. Friendly staff that doesn't bother you too much, and they deliver.”

Mark T.

5.0 star rating 5/2014

“I am very impressed with this place, it's definitely my go-to wine store in LIC. It's always clean & classy. The selection is great, and the employees are super friendly and helpful. They always have great deals on inexpensive red wines, and the employees always seem to have tried all of them, so they know what they're talking about and give great recommendations. Also, they have a punch card system, so for every 10 bottles of wine you buy, you get one free (which is great if you drink as much wine as I do!)”

Madeleine R.

5.0 star rating 4/2014

“This is my new favorite little spot. I work in the area and happen to walk in one day on lunch. They have such a good variety of stuff and the prices fit any budget. The staff is pleasant and really know their stuff. I must tell you I love wines but don’t know much about it. Thumbs up to Cora for helping me figure out what I might like and suggestions. Thanks for being patience with me.”

Taneish G.

5.0 star rating 10/2013

“I first must say that I love their recent re-branding, it really reflects the change in the neighborhood itself. The staff is always friendly and accommodating, and they all have been a boon to my budding connoisseurship, and subsequent oenophilia. They have a great selection, totally reasonable prices, and occasionally I'll walk in and see they are having a party/event/charity benefit!” Basically they are my fav booze depot in LIC--can you tell?


5.0 star rating 7/2013

“Good selection, friendly staff, and fair prices make this my new go to liquor store. I'd highly recommend this place. They have a better selection of spirits than most places in the area.”

Julie M.

5.0 star rating 4/2012

“There are half a dozen wine and liquor stores in LIC that I tried on and off the first year I lived in the area but the only one I go to now is SquareWine on Jackson Ave; as a cookbook author, ex- food critic, and recipe contest winner, I am proud to be a true foodie and that includes a little bit of knowledge on alcoholic beverages!! Here is what makes SquareWine stand out among the rest…THE staff at SquareWine [lead by Maegan Kovatch] are extremely knowledgeable about everything fermented and distilled and are eager to share it with you; Maegan will make it her personal mission to track down the bottle you had at a friends in Jersey [hint: take that screen shot] or a prickly pear liquor you tasted in Calabria last year! I have attended their many wine tastings and always marvel at the value of their presentations in terms of cost, taste, and inventory [of course, I always, at first, take credit for finding the selection but then I relent and tell all to go see MAEGAN... it’s just nice to feel at home and know in advance that you won’t be intimidated in making a selection and that you are among friends at SquareWine.”

Dr. Joe D’Amore

Customer since 2017

“We used SquareWine for providing wine and alcohol for our wedding of 150 guests. Maegan from SquareWine was our wine/liquor expert/adviser for our wedding. We hosted our wedding in a raw space where we had to provide the liquor and wine. From the very first time I spoke with Maegan on the phone she was extremely helpful and informative about everything you would need to know about wine and alcohol. SquaerWine was one of the best decisions I made throughout my planning process. Maegan was always responsive, honest and logical and those are three traits any bride could appreciate during planning. I would recommend SquareWine to anyone for every occasion. If you're looking for quality service, excellent selection of wines and great prices--check out square wine!”

Kristina S.

5.0 star rating 2/2015

“Dear Maegan, We have had a long history together since I opened the Entrepreneur Space Incubator, over 8 years ago! And it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your attention to detail Your listening to what we wanted (and working within our budget) Your execution of these services at our various events. Is what makes our partnership so wonderful. We have done many things together; from your participating at our yearly birthday party, to serving unique wines at smaller events, educating our palates while we networked for business. You have even supported our catering company clients working with them to serve spirits at their gigs. You have been an excellent source of knowledge in helping our business grow, not only the caterers but the tonic makers. Personally, you and I have gotten into some great discussions about the wine/spirit industry and some of the more unusual varieties which you carry at the store. I look forward to many, MANY more years of collaborating. To your continued success Kathrine”

Kathrine Gregory

The Entrepreneur Space: A Food and Business Incubator, Queens NY Founder/Managing Consultant Mi Kitchen Es Su Kitchen ® Founder/Director